20 Things the Flu Virus Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Want to know how to avoid the flu? Here’s what the virus would tell you if it could: whom it loves to infect, the surprising places it lurks in your home, and how it makes you feel so crummy.

Think I’m just a cold? Ha!

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Underestimate me at your peril. Each year on average, I send 200,000 people to the hospital and have a hand in killing at least 23,000 (usually if they also develop complications such as pneumonia). Not to brag, but I am strong enough to render even a totally normal, healthy person gravely ill.

I dread nothing more than the flu vaccine

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It’s the best way to ensure that I can’t wreak havoc. A vaccine provides your immune system with National Security Agency–level intelligence to identify and eradicate me. This season, I’m especially nervous—there’s a new quadrivalent vaccine that protects against four flu strains instead of the usual three. There’s a new vaccine for people who are allergic to eggs and, once again, an extra-strength version for senior citizens. Yikes. Just be sure you’re not making these 8 mistakes that could mess up your flu shot.

I’m terrified of products labeled “disinfectant”

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This means they’ve been tested for their ability to kill viruses (like me). Cleaning products labeled “sanitizer” have to kill only bacteria. Disinfectants can take a few minutes to kick in, so if you spray one on a surface and immediately wipe it off, chances are some of my viruses will survive.


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