5 articles to help you prepare your kids for the school year ahead

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Now’s the time to take action to ensure healthy, happy children for 2019. We put together a list of articles to help you achieve that goal.

It’s almost time for the young ones to go back to school and it’s a daunting prospect. You’re already breaking your head about the year ahead, new extramural activities, homework and what to pack into those lunch boxes.

You also know that you’ve relaxed your routine over the holiday and it’s time to start preparing the kids for a healthy school year. We compiled the best articles to help you through the year ahead:

 7 ways to avoid kids’ backpack pain

Whether you are shopping for new school bags or starting to pack their bags for the new school term, you need to know that an overloaded backpack can cause serious strain on a young, growing spine. Here are some tips to ensure that your child is carrying a healthy load.


 6 nutrition tips for healthy, active children

Proper nutrition is key to keep your child alert in class and energetic on the sports field, but it’s often a daunting task as we rush through the days without a proper breakfast and a healthy lunchbox. This article shows how uncomplicated proper nutrition really is with some easy tips.

 Health checks crucial for school-aged kids

Your to-do list probably consists of buying new books and stationery for the new year, but this is also the time you should be taking inventory of your child’s health for the year ahead and get all the health checks done before the school year gets too busy. This article provides insight into the health checks you should be doing.

Child at doctor

 4 ways to protect your child from allergic reactions at school

You might feel confident being in control of your child’s food allergies at home, but it’s a different challenge when they are at school. Here are some tips on how to ensure your child is protected from allergic reactions at school in the new year.

Child with epi-pen in lunchbox

 Dealing with emergencies

Whether you are a parent wishing to get actively involved at your child’s school as a chaperone; always hosting children at your house for play-dates and sleepovers; transporting children to sport days; or are a teacher yourself, this article may come in handy in case of any emergency. Be equipped to help a child, or even save a life.


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