Are you #seizuresavvy?

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Are you #seizuresavvy?

Epilepsy can happen to anyone. Would you know what to do if you saw someone having a seizure? For National Epilepsy Week (20-26 May 2019) we are launching a new campaign aimed at giving people the basic tools of seizure first aid that could help save a life.

The campaign is focusing on tonic clonic seizures as these are the type of seizure that are most easily recognised. The charity’s new campaign gives people three simple but key instructions to remember in an emergency: “Calm, Cushion, Call.”

Stay Calm

1. Stay calm and take control of the situation

Cushion their head

2. Cushion their head with something soft

Call for help

3. Call an ambulance if it lasts longer than five minutes

Calm, cushion, call poster

“Calm, Cushion, Call” poster

Our aim is to make sure that everyone is #seizuresavvy. Order our free “Calm, Cushion, Call” poster and display it in a prominent place such as a school, workplace, surgery or library, as long as you have permission.

Share our campaign on social media, by word of mouth and with colleagues at work. You could even ask your employer to include our campaign in their internal newsletter. Help us build awareness for epilepsy first aid and ensure everyone is #seizuresavvy.

Download our digital resources

You’ll be able to view our digital posters at various tube stations around London including Baker Street, Euston, Kings Cross St Pancras, Oxford Circus, Victoria, Waterloo and Westminster.

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