Eid 2018: 6 Tips From a Nutritionist to Stay Healthy This Eid

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Eid ul-Fitr 2018, the most celebrated Muslim festival, is just round the corner with the holy month of Ramadan coming to an end. Eid  is celebrated to mark the end of Ramadan and to welcome the month of Shawwal. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm worldwide, with a range of scrumptious delicacies laid down for a feast.

After fasting for a month, it is natural for one to want to indulge into some yummy treats. However, keeping in mind what your body has been subject to, practicing caution becomes equally important. The important question here is can you resist so much temptation? That may be asking for too much.

Eid 2018: Eid  is celebrated to mark the end of Ramadan and to welcome the month of Shawwal
While there is nothing wrong in taking those tiny winy bites, over indulgence and excessive consumption of food at once can give your body a grave shock. Remember that your body has adapted itself to the one month long schedule of Ramadan and an all of a sudden change in this and can be really harmful.

You might just end up with indigestion and ultimately bloating. Gorging on high calorie foods can lead to a feeling of extreme guilt and not to forget, some unwanted weight gain. Unfortunately, these are the pitfalls of social gatherings which are an integral part of the auspicious occasion of Eid. While these gatherings are unavoidable, you can surely implement the following tips to make sure that this Eid 2016 is a happy and healthy one.


1. Walk The Talk or Exercise Around The Block

Yes, you heard it right. Going for a walk or working out makes you feel refreshed, relaxed and happy. You must be wondering how? A good walk and exercise routine releases feel good hormones which positively affect your mood and help in managing your appetite. Additionally, these keep diseases at bay and make you feel more energetic. It’ll help reduce your guilt as you go digging into that plate of Mutton Biryani or Shahi Korma with Naan on the eve of Eid.

Eid 2018: Go out for a walk in order to enjoy indulging in heavy food


2. Let Veggies Come First

You must be thinking, why am I asking you to have veggies, that too on Eid, isn’t it? Well, yes! The best way to control and reduce your appetite is to eat your veggies first. Veggies are packed with essential nutrients and fiber which would make you feel full so that you can excuse yourself by eating less high calorie and fattening delights. Start your meal with a bowl of salad or stir fry veggies and I am sure your tummy would ask for very little malai kofta or khichda.

Eid 2018: The best way to control and reduce your appetite is to eat your veggies first

3. Exercise Portion Control

Controlling your portions is of utmost importance when you are at a social gathering and if you wish to keep your weight in check. Piling up food in a plate just because it’s an occasion is no excuse to let your diet goals go for a toss. When you go on adding food to your plate, somewhere you are pressurized to eat it all so as not to waste food.


Politely refuse a second helping of food, even if it’s a relative who urges you towards the table. The best way you can eat less, is to strike a good chat with your closed ones so that you concentrate more towards the conversation and less on the yummy delicacies. Remember “we have to eat to live and not live to eat.”

portion meal
Eid 2018: Politely refuse a second helping of food

4. Do Not Make Friends with Aerated Beverages

While it may seem a great idea to have an aerated drink with your meal on the pretext of digesting the heavy food, the reality is far from what you think. Aerated beverages are loaded with sugar and do not do any good to your body. Rather than gulping down a glass of cold-drink, have a glass of buttermilk with mint leaves in it for better digestion.


Buttermilk will not only improve the digestion process but will also help you in eating less. So, what should you choose? A sugar filled drink or a protein packed liquid. My advice, go for the latter and you will not regret doing the same.

sugar drink

Eid 2018: Rather than gulping down a glass of cold-drink, have a glass of buttermilk

5. Beat The Sweet Cravings with Fruits/Dates/Figs

Who does not love having a bowl of Sheerkurma or sevaiya on Eid. It’s mandatory, isn’t it? Yes, we all crave these lovely sweets and Eid is the only time it’s made in such a large quantity with extra ghee, sugar and dry fruits. While no one wants to miss the opportunity of grabbing it them, you can always minimize the consumption.

How? Have a fruit /2 Dates /2 Pieces anjeer before you go ahead with the sweet dish and the natural sugar content in the above would satisfy your sweet tooth to an extent and a few bites of your favorite dessert would be enough for you. Remember, when temptation knocks on your door, find smart ways to tackle it and your body is going to thank you for your decision later.

Eid 2018: Who does not love having a bowl of Sheerkurma or sevaiya on Eid

6. Bid Adieu to The Table Once You’re Done

The whole idea and aim here is to satisfy your hunger and not to go overboard after looking at the large spread of delicacies. Remember when you are full, it’s a cue towards closure. When the tummy is no longer ready to accommodate food, it sends signals to your brain so that you no longer stuff yourself. Pay heed to what your body is trying to tell you and gently assert that you have indeed enjoyed the meal and have eaten your share of Eid delights. Once you are done, leave the table, don’t linger around.

The whole idea and aim here is to satisfy your hunger and not to go overboard

In the end spread love on the auspicious day of Eid 2016 and don’t forget to share some happiness with the poor and needy.

About the Author:

Huda Shaikh is a Mumbai based clinical nutritionist and dietician. She has completed Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from Dr. B.M.N College of Homescience, which is affiliated to the S.N.D.T University. She believes that it is important to eat well and exercise in order to have a healthy body and has helped people suffering from various ailments. A passionate cook, Huda has developed many healthy recipes thanks to her love for cooking.

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Article by: Huda Shaikh , Clinical Nutritionist

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