• Medical information
  • Medical condition
  • Treatment
  • Medication you’ve taken or currently taking

What does this mean for you and your dependent?

Medical schemes and gap cover service providers require you to provide all medical information about you and your dependents on the application form. It’s very important when you join a medical scheme or gap cover product to disclose all medical conditions you may have had or for which you or your dependents currently receive medical treatment or advice for.

What will happen if you don’t disclose all medical information on the application form?

  • The medical scheme or gap cover service provider may end your membership immediately and reverse all claims they’ve paid.
  • The medical scheme or gap cover service provider may impose waiting periods.

How do you avoid non-disclosure?

  • Read all medical questions carefully.
  • Be honest and disclose all medication information
  • Give as many details as possible when answering the medical questions on the application form.


Article by: HEALTH & WELLNESS / 8 AUGUST 2019, 2:00PM / IOL SUPPLIED