Find out the risks to health of endurance sports

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Health and Wellness consultant at CapeTalk, Dr Darren Green, looks at some of the risks associated with high endurance events following the death of two participants at the Ironman competition in Port Elizabeth over the weekend.

It is understood that the competitors died in the hospital, though the exact cause of death has not yet been determined. Deaths do occur at high endurance races and it raises the question about whether these endurance races are bad for our bodies?

There are certain conditions that are exposed during the multistage endurance events like susceptibility to withstand heat or sensitivity to electrolyte disturbances during these times.

— Dr Darren Green, Health and Wellness consultant – CapeTalk

Something like hyponatremia can contribute to your cardiac function and predispose you into getting to a deadly rhythm and eventually having a sudden cardiac death.

— Dr Darren Green, Health and Wellness consultant – CapeTalk             


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