Health trends you should be following in 2019

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There are health trends that have stood the test of time and those we will only get to know and love in 2019. Some of ridiculous fads have come and gone, others become the new normal.

It’s not that any of these things aren’t great for us, but often times the popularity just wanes over time or the practice itself was never sustainable.
As an example, last year the meditation and ketogenic diet that was once on the fringe – a strictly spiritual practice, and now with the aid of gadgets, apps and actual meditation classes – it’s become a science-backed life practice

The Pegan diet

This year, the Pegan diet is on a rise, this diet is part paleo, part vegan.
Pinterest reports that searches for eating pegan increasing by a 337 percent year over year. The vegetable-based meal plan also coincides with an increased interest in plant-based foods, which are expected to remain popular through 2019


We might be seeing a lot of Cannabidiol (CBD), many health enthusiast will be infusing CBD in everything from baked goods to liquets and fine dining as well.
Although many of the products that are already infused with CBD are not available in South Africa, the demand may increase because they promise to relieve anxiety, pain insomnia and so many of the other ailments that people are finding relief from with CBD.

Organic drinks


With many people leading a healthy lifestyle and alcohol can be taboo in the health field. So the increase of organic drinks are on the increase in 2019 that may be credit to increase of the vegan and plantbase diet trend that started in 2018.
Meghan Telpner a food blogger and health fantic says organic wine and spirits, in moderation, can be wonderful in tinctures, incorporated into kombucha cocktails or mixed into homemade syrups.
She explains the difference between organic and made with organic: 
Organic: all ingredients used (grapes, yeast, etc.) must be organic, and no added sulphites are allowed
Made with Organic Grapes: This has to be made with organic grapes, but other ingredients might not be, and sulphites are allowed.

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