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Health Tips for Seniors from the Home Instead Team

If you believe age is only a number, then it is time to do something about it. Your body is changing. That may be more than obvious every time you bend over to tie your shoes or try to get out of your recliner. Sometimes you really believe you have forgotten more than you ever learned because the grey cells don’t seem to fire as quickly as they used to. Make the most of the best years of your life by taking good care of your health.

You can stay healthy and fit even in your Golden Years. A personal support worker (PSW) from Home Instead Senior Care Etobicoke can get you or your loved one to and from the gym and assist with preparing nutritious meals. Our caregivers are happy to help you stay in your home and remain independent for as long as possible.

Steps to Minimize Your Senior Healthcare Needs

Just because the body is not always willing, does not mean you have to sit still and wait to die. Quite the contrary! Take charge of your life with these steps that help you stay healthy and fit:

Reassess Your Diet – Now is as good a time as any to take a serious look at your eating habits. With age comes issues with chewing and dull taste buds making eating uncomfortable or boring. This can lead to eating too little or consuming items with poor nutritional value. Taking advantage of the help a senior caregiver can provide with assistance in formulating menus that are healthy and taste good.

Stay Physically Active –Avoid giving in to the aches and pains of growing older. Get outside and walk or take an exercise class. The physical activity can help your bones and muscles stay strong. Regular exercise can help you keep health conditions like high blood pressure in check. It can even help reduce stress.

Get Plenty of Sleep –You may find yourself counting sheep more than sleeping. Eating better and increasing your physical activity level can help you sleep better. That extra rest will help your body repair and rejuvenate itself, leaving you refreshed the next day.

Socialize More –The elderly may struggle with loneliness and depression when they cannot meet with other people. Make it a point to engage with others. Go to a worship service. Take classes. Go ahead and unretire yourself!

Stay Healthy and Fit with Help from Home Instead

Make the most of your age when you take charge of your health. Let age be just another number as you enjoy new vitality with healthy eating, exercise, good rest, and socializing.

Enlist the services of a home care professional from Home Instead Senior Care and ensure your success. Our qualified caregivers are ready to join in and give you and your family the assistance you need to keep you living independently in your home.


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