How to Stay Healthy at the Holiday Table

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Terre Haute – During the Christmas season we all look forward to a few different things; presents under the tree, gathering with family, and of course the Christmas meal.

All too often that meal comes with the urge to over-indulge on the seasonal sweets and savories. And you want to make sure that long-awaited meal is safe to eat.

Food born illnesses can be a real issue during holiday meal preparation. Make sure your raw meats are separated from any veggies, fruits, or sweet treats.

And check closely when gauging the temperature of your bird or ham, no body wants and turkey that’s still gobbling at the table.

Portion control is also a great idea at the table, that way you can save room for seconds, and your stomach won’t hurt while you open gifts.

“Of course we wanna indulge, we’re getting foods that we don’t have all year round. But just remember to balance it out, still eat your fruits and veggies. And just have little bites of things, you don’t have to eat a whole pie, just a little bite,” said Vigo County Health Dept. Health Educator, Roni Rozina.

Gathering in large groups of people can rapidly increase the spread of germs.

Cough into your sleeve, wash your hands with soap and water, and if you aren’t feeling well maybe sit this one out so as not to get any family members sick.

And to wrap it all up with a nice little bow, have a Merry Christmas and a healthy Happy Holiday.

Article byLily Pesavento

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