Positive signs of happiness and health

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Everyone wants to be happy but sometimes it’s not easy channeling out your inner happiness. Here are five ways I know therapy clients are becoming healthier and healthier:

They become more playful and have more humour about their lives and their circumstances. A degree of healthy self-deprecation enters their awareness.

They have more pushback on matters – their degree of compliance lessens in every aspect of their lives. “Doormat no longer” is their motto and they address life’s issues as if they are finally in charge of themselves.

Their concern with being perceived as “nice” or “helpful” or “agreeable” diminishes in exchange for being regarded as strong and kind, deliberate and propelled by a mission. They have a reason to live and that mission is not connected only to a spouse or to children or grandchildren.

They become more and more aware of how their compliance in the past has resulted in allowing people to treat them poorly – and they put a stop to it.

They begin to enjoy life more than they did before, even if very little actual change has occurred. They have come to terms with the reality that inner heath, forgiveness, and personal fulfillment are all inside jobs, with very little to do with others.



Article by: ROD SMITH

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