What exercises you should be doing this spring

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After a long, lazy winter, the key is to start off slow. Spring back into your exercise program. According to Web MD regular cardio, whether it’s jogging, cycling, swimming, or brisk walking, will make your heart stronger. It also helps with blood pressure and cholesterol, and can even help ward off some cancers.

Rushda Moosajee w omen’s traine, and gym owner says 45 – 60 minutes of brisk walking is sufficient. Start with 3 per week and build it up to 4-5 per week. Walk on the beach, promenade, do rounds of Biskop stairs, hike Lions Head, jog on Tafelberg road.
Spring training fitness tips for  Moosajee.
  • Start with planning your training schedule for the week.
  • Set little goals for the week; 2 x weightlifting sessions, 2 x lunchtime runs, 1 x hike and 1 x yoga session.
  • Be prepared, by setting out your training kit, pack your bag, make sure it is with you in the car or at work.
  • Take a selfie, always track your aesthetic progress with visual media. You might not see a difference on the scale immediately but your body won’t lie.
  • Plan a spring menu for the week, fresher, crispier and healthier alternatives for the week.
  • Plan one significant summer event. Maybe a surfing day with friends? A hike you’ve been wanting to do. Something to work toward and prepare physically for.



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