World Cancer Day 2021

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World Cancer Day (link is external)aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer, and pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action against the disease.

World Cancer Day 2021 - Together, all of our actions matter

World Cancer Day theme: I Am And I Will


This World Cancer Day(link is external), we recognise that our commitment to act will lead to powerful progress in reducing the global impact of cancer.


So, this 4 February whoever you are, your actions – big and small -will make lasting, positive change. Because, progress is possible.

We need your commitment to create a cancer-free world. 
This World Cancer Day, who are you and what will you do?

The theme: 2019 – 2021

2021: Together, all our actions matter

2021 – the ultimate year of the ‘I Am and I Will’ campaign – shows us that our actions have an impact on everyone around us, within our neighbourhoods, communities and cities. And that more than ever, our actions are also being felt across borders and oceans. This year is a reminder of the enduring power of cooperation and collective action. When we choose to come together, we can achieve what we all wish for: a healthier, brighter world without cancer. Together, all of our actions matter. This World Cancer Day(link is external), who are you and what will you do?

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