World Down Syndrome Day 2020

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Did you know that Down Syndrome—a disorder that occurs when there is a duplication of the twenty-first chromosome—affects approximately 6,000 babies at birth every year? So on October 20 —a date chosen to represent the chromosomal defection found in Down Syndrome (the twenty-first day of the third month)—celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, an event created to raise public awareness, promote inclusivity, encourage advocacy, and support the wellbeing of those living with Down Syndrome.




AFRT is Created

AFRT—the French Association for Research on Trisomy 21—is founded in order to support research for Down Syndrome.


A Date is Chosen

This year marks not only the first meeting held by AFRT, but also the year that March 21 is recognized as a symbolic day to represent Down Syndrome.


WHO Recognizes the Day

The World Health Organization acknowledges October 20  as World Down Syndrome Day.


The UN Follows Suit

The United Nations supports WHO’s acknowledgment of October 20  and also recognizes this date as World Down Syndrome Day.


World Down Syndrome Day First Celebrated

This year marks the first year that World Down Syndrome Day is to be celebrated annually on October 20.


Get involved

Show your support by attending an event in honor of World Down Syndrome Day or donating to a charity online. Step it up a notch by promoting your involvement on social media with #WDSD18 to inspire others to take the same initiative.

Incorporate blue and yellow

As the designated colors of the cause, blue and/or yellow should be utilized on World Syndrome Day. You can show your support by wearing something blue or yellow, icing cupcakes with blue and yellow frosting for schools, decorating an office with blue and yellow flowers or balloons, or filling bowls with blue and yellow M&Ms—it doesn’t matter how you rock these colors, just be sure you do.

Organize an event

Take initiative and organize your own event that will raise money and awareness for Down Syndrome. Planning a walk, holding a bake sale, hosting a raffle, or setting up a school fair are all fun events that will benefit those with Down Syndrome.



It promotes awareness

Down Syndrome effects approximately 400,000 families in the United States alone. World Down Syndrome Day helps educate the public on what Down Syndrome is and how to encourage those with Down Syndrome to participate in daily activities so they can live a full life and play a vital role in their community.

It empowers people with Down Syndrome

The accomplishments and contributions of people with Down Syndrome are often overlooked. However, this event highlights the positive difference they make in their community and gives them the recognition they deserve.

It helps raise money for research

Each year, one in 700 babies in the United States is born with Down Syndrome. However, the cause is still unknown. By donating to Down Syndrome charities, you’re having an impact on those currently living with Down Syndrome and helping get one step closer to finding the cause.


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