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More month than bank balance in January? And your skin care is running out – eeek! No worries. At this point in the game, January is feeling like a loooooong month, and the wallet is on a strict diet. While you’re stretching out your last pennies, Murphy’s law will have it that your favourite skincare runs out.

Empties may look great on your Insta stories, but they’re not so great for your skin. Here are the absolute essentials you need to stock up on (so you don’t undo all your good work new year resolution-wise) while pinching pennies. The rest can follow when you’re flush again next month…

Buying on a budget

Instead of compromising on quality in order to get your whole product line-up, rather invest in good-quality skin-care essentials (cosmeceuticals, in other words) that have proven ingredients and formulations, and which work well on your skin needs.

Your investment essentials:

• A good cleanser. It’s important to choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin condition (is it oily, dry, combination, sensitive?), as using the wrong cleanser for your skin can end up causing irritation – for example, if you use a cleanser for oily skin on dry skin, it will be drying and your skin will look and feel dull and uncomfortable. And if you have sensitive or reactive skin, make sure you use products that are designed especially for this condition. No matter what cleanser you choose, make sure it is gentle and does not strip your skin’s natural protective barrier.
Bonus: look for a cleanser that may also contain exfoliating ingredients like mild fruit acids, so you won’t miss your exfoliator too much.

• Moisturiser aka treatment.

These days, your moisturiser is oh-so-much more than a product that prevents moisture escaping from your skin. Or at least, the one you choose should absolutely be one of those. As with cleansers, your treatment cream should work with your skin condition and needs.

Look for a day cream that, besides barrier repair and protecting ingredients, contains active ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides, growth factors, hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, enzymes, ceramides, retinol, fruit acids, soothers, etc.

If you’re unsure about what would suit you best, the skin care therapist at Skin Renewal clinics or the online help will find the right product that suits your skin and your budget.

• Sunscreen –

this is one thing you never compromise on in January – one of our most dangerous months for UV exposure. Besides the risk of skin cancer, all those rays will make your skin age well before its time.

Choose a reputable brand with recognised EU certificates, which ensure that you are receiving top protection. These brands also contain added ingredients that protect your cell DNA from damage as well as repairing UV damage,
As your bank account recovers, you can work out a plan with your skin care professional (while you’re having your post-holiday recovery facial) to meet your #2019skingoals. Start adding targeted serums, masks and exfoliating treatments that will give your skin an added glow.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2019!

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