#YouthDay: Why a healthy diet is important for young people

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Life as a young person can be fast, furious, fun and sometimes fearful (for your parents, that is).  It’s always about what’s new and popping and rarely do young people actively think of their diet and health when on a night out or chilling at home.

Whether indulging in sugary food while out with friends or grabbing an extra slice of pizza while Netflix-and-chilling, you need to know the impact a bad diet will have horrible ramifications for you. 

To grow and be healthy, you need to be active and eat the right foods. But why is this important? Health and wellness expert, Vanessa Ascencao says nutrition, stress, and sleep play a major role in health in all ages.

She says it is important for young people to eat as healthily as possible to help boost immunity and vitality, improve concentration and performance, improve mental health and help keep the skin healthy.

One billion people globally are suffering from malnutrition and 2 billion eat too much, says a study on obesity.

“Young people should be mindful about what they put into and how they treat their bodies. They should educate themselves on what foods are good for them and which ones are harmful. They should start cooking at home, sourcing organic produce from a farmers’ market, get outside more, watch less television, limit social media, learn to manage stress and be mindful about their bodies”.

“When you eat natural whole foods, as close to nature as possible, it is very difficult to overeat and it helps stabilize blood sugar levels, reduces cravings, helps you feel fuller for longer, increases energy, improves mood and overall good health. Achieving overall health will naturally lead to healthy weight management and when eating nutrient-rich food, you can eat an abundance of good, healthy whole food”, says Ascencao.


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